The Actros Safety Guide. Safer Than Ever

Deliveries of raw materials to the assembly line for business and industry, food and beverages in supermarkets, clothing in department stores and much more: Like no other means of transport, trucks ensure that everyday necessities should get to their destinations. Or to put it even more clearly: without trucks, our society today would not function.

The importance of what professional drivers achieve every day for this cannot be overestimated. Most of all, it is important that they have the best “tools” available for their job. In other words: a comfortable, very efficient and, above all, safe truck. This is a key success factor for an industry that has to deal with increasingly difficult conditions, such as heavy traffic, long traffic jams, high cost and deadline pressure or a serious shortage of drivers.

Anyone travelling with 40 tons or more in freight traffic must be able to rely on his truck in every driving situation. This is precisely why traffic safety is a top priority for us at Mercedes-Benz. Of course, the final responsibility always lies with the driver. But assistance systems are an important support in numerous traffic situations. The prime example is the Actros series: The Actros has always played a pioneering role in ensuring that professional drivers travel the roads as safely, accident-free, stress-free and comfortably as possible by constantly adding new technological features. The latest generation of Actros, which is now being launched on the market, is a logical continuation of Mercedes-Benz’s decades of safety-oriented tradition. With Active Drive Assist for semi-automated driving, Active Brake Assist – the fifth generation of emergency brake assist, which has once again been improved –, the Sideguard Assist with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, and the MirrorCam, which is the first MirrorCam to be installed in a standard truck instead of the main and wide-angle mirrors, the Actros has achieved a level of safety that is unique to date. With the brand’s new flagship we underline our claim to actively contribute to accident-free road traffic in the best possible way, thus getting closer to the “Vision of Accident-Free Driving”.

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