Comprehensive ecosystem for entry into e-mobility for truck customers

Daimler Trucks is a pioneer of e-mobility with battery-electric trucks undergoing intensive practical trials around the world. Thanks to the close exchange with customers, Daimler Trucks understood early on the need to think far beyond the e-vehicle. That is why Daimler Trucks offers an ecosystem tailored to the use case and needs of customers, including consulting and charging infrastructure solutions. This is how Daimler Trucks wants to provide customers with the ideal entry into e-mobility.

Holistic consulting services for e-mobility

The ecosystem for easy entry into e-mobility consists of three areas:

1. Together with the customer, the key question is first clarified for which application profiles and routes electric trucks are already suitable today. For this purpose, Daimler Trucks offers the free “eTruck Ready” app, which uses existing driving routes to determine a realistic and meaningful usage profile of electric trucks for customers.

2. The charging processes of electric fleet vehicles are another key factor that must be integrated into the operating process. For this reason, a further focus of the consulting is on the analysis of the depots and the corresponding conception of the suitable infrastructure including intelligent charging solutions.

3. The third area deals with the optimization of the total cost of ownership (TCO). Experts of Daimler Trucks discuss, among other things, the possibilities of public funding for the infrastructure.

„eTruck Charging Initiative“

As an additional step, Daimler Trucks has launched a worldwide initiative to establish a charging infrastructure for battery-electric trucks.

The initiative is called “eTruck Charging Initiative” and is part of Daimler Trucks’ holistic approach to provide truck customers with the best possible entry into e-mobility.

Within the framework of the initiative, Daimler Trucks is bringing together the main players – e-truck customers, power grid operators, energy suppliers, charging hardware manufacturers and charging software providers – thus promoting shared infrastructure solutions for truck customers within the network. The focus of activities is currently on the United States and Europe. Japan is the next market to follow.

The initial focus is on charging stations installed at the depots of truck customers.

The close dialog between the main players is also intended to speed up previously lengthy and complex planning and application processes for network connections. In addition, the participants are also concerned with aspects such as optimized load management of the electricity grid and sustainable electricity supply.

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