The eMobility complete system from Daimler Buses

The desire is quite simple: Out with combustion drive, in with electric drive -- plug and play. But it doesn‘t happen all that easily because electromobility means rethinking urban mobility with buses and coaches. That's why E-Mobility from Daimler Buses is more than the fully electric eCitaro, it's a complete system made up of several components. The overall eMobility system takes into account other vital things such as the power supply, charging infrastructure, route planning, telematics systems, service concepts and, last but not least, employee training.

Changeover per plan: Daimler Buses eMobility Consulting can help

In a public transport operation, the change to electric mobility is about more than energy consumption and range. The keywords here include route management, topography and weather, stops and timetables. The specialists at Daimler Buses are at right home doing it all. Using simulation software they determine which routes are suitable for e-mobility and, if requested, develop suggestions for e-bus routes.

Well looked after: the eMobility service concept from OMNIplus

E-mobility calls for specific services. The eMobility service concept begins with the support of the customer’s maintenance facilities, includes the tailor-made service contracts eBasic and ePremium and tops off with BusDepot Management. Here, employees of OMNIplus take over vehicle care in the customer’s maintenance facilities. The OMNIplus training center in Dortmund provides exemplary information about the equipment in an e-bus workshop and offers a complete training concept for e-mobility.

Always connected: Integration in telematics systems fully exploits potential

The eCitaro communicates with and connects to the charging infrastructure via the ISO 15118 protocol. Mercedes-Benz offers solutions for integrating vehicle-specific data into management systems. The OMNIplus On Portal provides companies insights into fleet operations data. Mercedes-Benz offers integrated system solutions for maximum transparency from vehicle scheduling to depot management by working together with ITS software provider IVU Traffic Technologies.

Top performance: tailor-made charging infrastructure

As standard service Mercedes-Benz relies on charging via the plugs in the depot. If desired, Opportunity Charging is also possible, either via pantograph, i.e., overhead pantograph, or via the combination of charging rails and stationary pantograph. The specialists at Mercedes Benz have tested various charging infrastructures, give advice and can make recommendations.

Under power: That's how energy comes to the bus

The power supply of buses is the heart of e-mobility in the city. Daimler Buses eMobility-Consulting supports the planning of infrastructure, calculates the necessary power supply, knows the paths to network operators and electricity suppliers, and recommends the right charging technology - up to the organization of the depot with parking spaces and the power supply to the buses.

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