Zero local emissions through Berlin. In total 15 eCitaro for BVG

The Berlin transport company BVG is now driving emissions-free at a local level with a fully-electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro. The first of the 15 urban buses was officially handed over in March.

eCitaro: locally emission-free, highly efficient with an exclusive design

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro is ideally suited to the legendary Berlin air because it is locally emissions-free and almost silent. The fully electric Mercedes-Benz eCitaro brings electromobility for city buses to a whole new level, because it impresses with optimum energy efficiency. The basis for this is a unique thermal management with a heat pump for heating the passenger compartment, as well as temperature control for the battery and connected components. Many of these have been made available for the first time in line with the advent of the eCitaro. Its exclusive design is derived from that of the popular Mercedes-Benz Citaro and makes for a very distinct appearance – the eCitaro is a very special type of Citaro.

Extensively equipped: the eCitaro for Berlin

The eCitaro buses ordered by BVG are characterised by their extensive equipment. Passengers benefit from an air conditioning system, 15 double USB ports for their own end devices and three monitors for information provided during the journey. Passengers with reduced mobility will notice generously dimensioned areas for wheelchairs and pushchairs, as well as tactile handrails with ribbed handle profiles on the doors or the contrast-rich interior design. Bus drivers will appreciate the exterior camera for keeping an eye on cyclists and pedestrians. Interior surveillance cameras and a door-closing warning system with red LED light strip and video surveillance provide for added safety.

The eCitaro is fitted with ten battery modules providing a total capacity of 243 kWh which guarantee a range of around 150 kilometres even in difficult conditions. Under ideal conditions, the eCitaro can cover around 250 km without being recharged. The batteries of the 15 eCitaro buses destined for BVG are charged at the depot using plugs.

BVG and the three-pointed star

Last autumn, BVG placed an order for up to 950 low-emission Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses. It is the largest single order ever for Europe's best-selling city bus. At almost the same time, BVG also ordered 15 fully-electric eCitaro buses.

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