The Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT. Quieter and more clean

Quiet running and reduced CO2 emissions, low weight and an impressive passenger capacity, strong power delivery and low fuel consumption, as well as long maintenance intervals – the Mercedes-Benz Citaro NGT offers clear benefits for driving in heavily frequented inner cities.

Even quieter and more clean thanks to its gas engine

The compact and light natural-gas engine with 7.7 l displacement performs like a diesel engine and simultaneously sets milestones in terms of noise and pollutant emissions. The turbo-charged engine is based on the highly modern OM 936 turbo diesel engine. The vertically installed six-cylinder monovalent engine runs on compressed natural gas. It has an output of 222 kW (302 hp) and delivers a peak torque of 1,200 Nm consistently between 1,200 rmp and 1,600 rpm. To some extent, the natural gas engine undercuts the Euro VI emissions limits by a considerable margin. Power transmission is handled by means of an automatic transmission equipped with a torque converter.

Newly developed gas tanks

The newly developed gas tanks can be found under a cover on the roof. The tanks are made of a composite material with a plastic core and are coated with carbon fibre and glass fibre layers. This combination of materials is both light and highly robust.

The new gas bottles and the compact engine both serve to lower the additional weight inherent of the Citaro NGT concept when compared with diesel-driven variants. This stands at around 485 kg in the case of a rigid vehicle. Equipped with the standard equipment, the Citaro NGT rigid bus can therefore carry up to 96 passengers, whilst the Citaro G NGT articulated bus can carry 153 passengers.

Many possibilities

Mercedes-Benz offers the gas-powered bus as a Citaro NGT rigid bus and as a Citaro G NGT articulated bus. The Citaro NGT can be operated on natural gas or on organic natural gas – in the latter case, driving the vehicle is virtually CO2-neutral. The arguments in favour of the Citaro NGT are really impressive: we have already received three-figure orders of vehicles from Madrid and Augsburg.

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