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We at Daimler Trucks & Buses work for all who keep the world moving. Together with our customers we form the backbone of the economy and society. That is our purpose, and it is also a task we want to perform as well as possible. We therefore have to continuously ensure we are working on the right things. What these things are, that’s what we have defined in our updated strategy for Daimler Trucks & Buses.

Here you can find out more about our individual fields of action:

We deliberately put this field of activity first. And for good reason, as any project is only useful if it moves our customers forward, namely when they can earn money with our products, improve their processes and increase their productivity. A good example here is the new line of Western Star models in North America, on which we have worked closely with our customers. We carefully listened to them to understand their exact expectations. This enabled us to develop a product that not only increases our customers’ productivity, but also lowers their operating costs. We are convinced our new Western Star fleet has the potential to be the leader in its market segment.

Leading globally is not an end in itself. There are three good reasons to do so: First, we need a global presence in order to take full advantage of economies of scale and cost-effectively develop vehicles. Second, with a global presence and globally networked development, we can offer our customers new technologies faster and better tested than by each region acting independently. Third, we can often cushion regional market cycles with a global structure.

To offer value beyond the vehicle to our customers and at the same time strengthen our earning power, we have to make better use of the potential our service business offers us. To this end, we will strengthen our existing aftersales business and create new services. One very exciting example is the 3D printing of spare parts Daimler Buses is currently introducing. We also want to tackle completely new business opportunities. Services that go hand in hand with new technologies are obvious choices, for example data-based services that make the entire transport process smoother. The key here is to minimize wait times (for the truck driver or bus passenger) or to replace freight documents with digital information and so on. Our new Connectivity Services Group is currently working on promising services for trucks and buses; more on this shortly.

We differentiate ourselves through things that offer our customers and society real added value. That’s why, early on, we focused on reducing our commercial vehicles’ diesel-fuel use and we have repeatedly developed innovations that enable us to stand out from the competition.

Looking forward, we want to play a key role in shaping the future of CO₂-neutral transport. To do so we will rely on battery and hydrogen-based fuel cell technologies. We have more than two decades of experience with fuel cells in our group - more than any other company. Building on this vast experience we expect to offer our customers a CO₂-neutral long-distance truck that can compete with a diesel truck.

We know our customers and what will add value for them. Accordingly, we prioritize the topics into which we channel our engineering skills and investments. Another decisive criterion is which existing or new products and services make a positive contribution to our results in the long term - be it through direct contribution margins or indirect economies of scale.

In order to implement our strategy we need a powerful organization. Thus, we promote initiative, taking responsibility, agile thinking and efficient action. Plus, we optimize our processes and structures continuously, especially by deploying all means of digitization.

To reach our targets, we have to work together successfully. Mutual trust and integrity are fundamental to that, as well as joint principles how we do our work: We listen carefully to our customers. We want to understand them. Only in this way can we develop technologies that truly solve problems. And we know that, together, we can reach that goal faster. Teamwork is not lip service for us; we live it every day. We learn from each other and develop new technologies together -- across our brands and divisions.

We at Daimler Trucks & Buses believe that diversity is the foundation of our success. That is why we have always been committed to ensuring that our executive positions are awarded independent of gender. Furthermore, we adhere to the “Act on the Equal Participation of Women and Men in Executive Positions in both the Private and the Public Sector,” which applies to publically listed companies or those subject to co-determination, and we have defined target numbers for the proportion of women in senior roles accordingly.

Equal Participation of Women and Men in Executive Positions

We are proud of what we have achieved as a company over the past years and decades. Looking forward, we know that the transformation of our industry, our products and our company requires a high use of resources, and that is why we are very consciously open to seeking strategically meaningful partnerships. With new technologies in particular we can achieve more and faster by working together with a suitable partner. Our cooperation with Volvo on fuel cells is a good example. We have also strengthened our highly automated driving capabilities with Torc Robotics in the U.S. And at Daimler Buses we are working together in digital services with IVU.

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